Merry Makers – Senior Adult Ministry

On Tuesday of each week, the Merry Makers (our Senior Adults) meet for a time of fellowship, singing, and Bible study.

Tuesday Schedule:

9:45 am – Merry Makers Choir Rehearsal (in Choir Room, 2nd floor)
10:30 am – Merry Makers Bible Study (Adult I Classroom, 2nd floor)
Once a month, the Senior Adult group plan a special day trip, which usually includes a meal at a favorite restaurant.
Rev. Mark Payne, Minister of Music and Associate Pastor, is the music and Bible study leader for this group.
Anyone interested in more information regarding the ministry and special activities
may contact Rev. Payne.
Other officers are:  Mrs. Ruth Shamblin, Sr. Adult representative, Mrs. Brenda Bailey, event coordinator, Mrs. Brenda White, treasurer.