Women Reaching Women for Christ


To LEAD women to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, become filled with God’s Spirit through prayer and remain focused and active to his Word.
To HELP women discover their God-given gifts for ministry through hands on ministry opportunities.
To EQUIP women to enrich the lives of other women through small group Bible study.
The Women’s Ministry was born out of a desire to Minister not only to the women of First Baptist but to provide a place of assimilation for new women coming into our fellowship & to reach out to others in our community. Participation encourages women to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Women of all ages develop meaningful personal relationships and a sense of belonging.

Women are encouraged to discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts. Coordination and organization are provided to inreach and outreach to other women through Bible study, Prayer, educational opportunity, music and fellowship.


Isn’t it great to belong? To be SOMEBODY in a group? To be missed when you’re not there and welcomed when you are? Christian fellowship has the added dimension of the Lord in the center. It is friendship with a purpose.
In a true relationship in Christ we are not just friends, we are joined as one and we cannot help but care for each other because the love is not coming from us; Christ generates it in us. We are consciously experiencing Christ’s unconditional love for us when we know there is not a thing about us worth caring about and that makes us accepting of others beyond sin, beyond pride, and beyond prejudice.
WOJ is not a social group, or a club, or a therapy group; it is a living, throbbing organism, made alive by the blood of Jesus Christ flowing out from the wounds on the cross that paid the price for all of us and made us all acceptable to God and equal to each other. This is no small thing; People have died for this.
Fellowship is the tangible expression of faith. Christian fellowship is priceless! Come be a part of us…we welcome you!