OnFire Student Ministries

OnFire Student Ministries is designed for students in 7th through 12th grade.

The Growth Process:
In student ministry, we want our teenagers to see the big picture.

Truth Leads to Worship
Knowing Christ, the gospel, and God’s Word sets the foundation for spiritual progress in the faith and grounds us in the gospel. Our response to this truth is falling radically in love with Jesus and worshipping Him as He deserves.

Where: Sunday School Bible Studies @ 9:45; Wednesday Night DIGG Worship Time

Serving Leads to Sacrifice
As we develop a heart of compassion, we realize that we are to GO to others with the message of the gospel. We serve others out of the love we KNOW from the being in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Where: Group mission trips; local mission projects; and public school campuses

Lead Others Toward Spiritual Growth
Who are you investing in? Who is investing in you? These questions are key, as we become obedient followers of Christ longing to fulfill the Great Commission. This is where reproduction takes places verses simply checking off service hours and projects. It takes sacrifice and time. It also takes someone who is actively pursuing knowing, growing and going!

Where: Options include Wednesday Night DIGG Worship Times, Leadership Teams, VBS, Mission Trips, and more!